South West and Key Accounts

Justin Simmons

Justin has worked in sales for all of his working life and has been in the aquatic trade for over 10 years.

These roles allowed Justin to gain invaluable insight into how retailers from small independents to large multi nationals conduct their business and in particular have allowed him to develop his knowledge of effective selling to the end user.

Justin has developed a passion for aquascaping. He currently has an Eheim Incipria 330 which is fully aquascaped and is running Eheim’s new Digital products.


Phone: 07776172737

North West and Midlands

Mark Reynolds

Mark started work in the aquatics trade at the age of 16 where he started work as a Sales Assistant in the aquatics department of his local pet store. From there Mark worked his way up to Deputy Manager gaining a good insight into the management of a busy pet store.

His role in territory management started in 2006 going onto join J&K Aquatics a year later.

His current position see him covering the Midlands, North Wales, North West and parts of the North East.

Mark’s main areas of expertise are in Freshwater aquatics and he is a keen aquascaper with both a 30l Nano planted Co2 aquarium and a 250L Amazonian setup.


Phone: 07921888839

Southeast, London, East Anglia, and The East Midlands

Scott Peck

Scott has 10 years of experience of working in aquatic retail.

First of all, he worked at an aquatic retailer in Croydon then he moved to the pet department of a garden centre in Surrey, which included indoor fish. Most recently he has worked as a retail koi specialist.

He has kept most types of fish and he has had many aquariums up to 6' x 2 x 2 tanks in his time.

His areas of interests include nanoscapes and aquascaping. 
He currently has a ADA cube fully planted and has a keen eye for Siamese fighters.


Phone: 07990533923

Northwest, North Wales, Scotland, and Ireland

Kris Gibbs

Kris has worked in sales for most of his career, starting in mobile phone sales and retail for ten years, before moving into aquatics. 

For the last five years he has been running an aquatic centre in North Wales, as well as building and maintaining ponds on a freelance basis. 

Kris has always wanted to spend time in Ireland, especially to travel in it and experience the beauty of the country.

Kris hopes to push J&K’s growth as well his own, personally and professionally. He works to establish positive relationships with all of J&K’s clients as well as continue to grow the numbers of clients he has.  He takes pride in becoming a valuable member of the team.

At home, Kris has a 60 litre planted tank with community fish, and is currently building a large koi pond in his garden.


Phone: 07766008391