Aquarium Heaters

Getting your aquarium to the correct temperature is critical for the well being of all its inhabitants. We stock a large range of in-tank, aquarium heaters, from 10w right through to 400w. The tiny 10w ones will do aquariums under 10 litres and we go right up to 400w electronically controlled ones for tanks up to 1200 litres.

Our selection of products are all fully submersible and have a mix of many features including pre-set temperature setting, pre-fitted heater guard, dry run shut-off protection, recalibration, and much more. New for 2022 will see us having our first WiFi controlled models too.

Don't forget to add a thermometer too, one of these will help make sure you are keeping your aquarium at the correct temperature. Our heaters come from the top brands, Eheim, Newa, Betta, Betta Choice, Sera, Juwel, and Interpet.