Aquarium Filtration & Reactors

The life support system, no aquarium should be without some form of filtration.

We stock all popular types from old-school undergravel plates, and sponge/foam type (for breeding, shrimp and hospital/quarantining), right through to a huge range of internal power and external canister filters. We stock a diverse range of external canister filters, which are suitable for aquariums from 60 litres right up to 1500 litres. These are either as a standard filter or they can come with an ultra-violet clarifer/steriliser or even WiFi controlled by your smart phone !

We also stock some supplementary filter media and calcium reactors which are extremely popular with marine aquarists who need to reduce things like phosphate and raise calcium levels.

Our filters are supplied by world leading brands and manufacturers including Eheim, Newa, Bubble Magus, Two Little Fishes, Betta, Betta Choice, Tetra, Tunze, Fluval, Sera, Dennerle, Interpet, and Juwel. If required, we can even build you a glass sump filter to your unique design !