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Is this the most energy efficient filter on the market?

Is this the most energy efficient filter on the market?

With energy prices on the up, have you considered how much electricity your aquarium filter is consuming?

Buying an EHEIM Ecco Pro external canister filter provides you with excellent filtration without costing you the earth in electricity bills.

These filters are easy to use, reliable, and extremely efficient at what they do.

However, the BIG benefit from using an EHEIM Ecco Pro external filter is how much or rather, what little electricity they use. I.e. the 130 and 200 models use only 5W each, and the 300 consumes just 8W!

Based on our research, the Ecco Pro external canister filters are using less electricity than even some internal power filters that have been designed to do the same job! and the Ecco Pro models hold more media too.

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Cost breakdown:

With electricity prices being volatile these days, it is difficult to put an actual cost on this.

To explain it in the most viable way, we can show you these figures:

Electricity is used in kWh (kilowatt hours) which is a measure of how much is being consumed. However, this does not mean how much you are using per hour, the wattage of the product that is being powered indicates that.

For example, 1 kWh is the amount of energy you’d use if you kept a 1,000-watt appliance such as a vacuum cleaner running constantly for one hour. You pay for your electricity by the kWh.

This means that Eheim Ecco Pro external canister filters use the following:

  • Ecco Pro 130 & 200 @5w each – uses 0.84 kWh per week,
  • Ecco Pro 300 @8w – uses 1.344 kWh per week,

Compare this to other filters we found on the market:

  • Brand A - internal power filter for a 150L aquarium uses 15w – 2.52 kWh per week,
  • Brand B - external canister filter for a 300L aquarium uses 23w – 3.864 kWh per week,

These filters use three around times as much electricity as the equivalent in the Eheim Ecco Pro range!

Sounds good, tell me more about the Ecco Pro!

The Ecco Pro filters feature the following:

  • A multi-function handle for self-priming, carrying, and opening and closing of the filter.
  • Adjustable shut off taps, which not only open and close but also swivel around to make installation easier.
  • Exceptionally quiet. This is helped by having low wattage motors which include high-performance ceramic shafts and bearings to hold the impeller.
  • The best possible water flow through, because it has a combination of excellent filter media and well-designed baskets.
  • Ecco-Pro filters come with a prefilter for minimal maintenance and long intervals between cleanings.
  • A long-life elastic silicon sealing ring is fitted on the pump head for easy priming, and safe closing after cleaning.

All of which makes these filters simple to set up and easy to use. The filters come complete and ready to use with a prefilter pad, different mechanical/biological media, an activated carbon pad, and a fine filter pad.

The Eheim Ecco Pro external filters have so many qualities. They give outstanding filtering performance, have powerful yet energy efficient motors, built to a high standard, easy to use, and inexpensive to buy. Ecco Pro filters are a fantastic choice for tropical community and planted aquariums.

Convinced? Get some for your store here: 

Eheim Ecco Pro External Filter – J&K Aquatics ( 


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